About Marmalade Hill

300wspinach-harvestMarmalade Hill is a busy farmlet where there’s always lots going on. You can find us at Far Meadow, a prettily named spot just outside Berry on the NSW South Coast. 

Marmalade Hill is a home complete with kids, animals, vege & herb gardens, a big sewing room and a great craft room! Here our family has plenty to do to keep us out of trouble. To begin with there’s the chooks, the quails, the sheep and the bees. There’s also the vege garden, the herb & salad gardens and the orchard. As if that’s not enough we all have plenty of projects on the go. We love to grow things, make things and cook things. It’s a bit of a DIY life here at Marmalade Hill.

We love loving in this area of farms, forests and green rolling hills, sandwiched between the sea and the escarpment. We are surrounded by creative energetic and highly skilled people with a strong community spirit. It all inspires us to have a go ourselves and learn new things. We try to grow a lot of our own food and we try to teach the kids about the satisfaction that comes from being a little bit creative and having a go to make things by yourself.

About Me


My main projects at Marmalade Hill are working on my herb & salad gardens, looking after the bees and cooking up what we grow. I also do the tricky juggling act of a bit of part time work while trying to keep everyone as clean, fed and clothed as I can manage while trying to squeeze in as much time as I can for my craft, art & sewing projects.

It seems like it was another lifetime now, but I originally studied Art Education at UNSW which qualified me as a High School Art Teacher. Then I went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration. Before having a family, I worked in lots of fabulous creative places with incredibly energetic people. They were ‘not for profit’ arts organisations, mostly in the contemporary crafts as well as commercial and public art galleries. There was so many people making so many amazing things. Now that our girls are no longer toddlers and they are enjoying making things, I feel like I’d like to generate a bit of that creative energy here at home. You can read more about me and Marmalade Hill in Kerrie Oliver’s great article on her blog.

About My Teaching Work

Learning Wire Sculpture

I am an organiser and a bit of an inventor. Having dabbled with almost every craft or artistic medium that you can think of, I have a lot of equipment and supplies that are calling out to be shared with others interested in making things themselves. It’s taken me a while to realise, but I really am a teacher at heart and having trained in the area, I have the skills to focus activities for people to make them achievable and fun!

Marmalade Hill is home for my family but it is also the nerve centre for my teaching and creative activities.  It’s all about work-life balance:  Working from home, I don’t have to travel far and I can call the shots. From here, I run The Craftroom, where my schedule of craft, art and Mini DIY workshops is growing every term. These workshops are available for anyone interested in learning something new.  You can find out when the next workshop is coming up by having a look at my Craft & Art Workshop Page

My second venture, Craftea is in  partnership with Paulina Collier of the Berry Tea Shop. Once a month we hold much less messy often paper-based workshops in the enchanting after hours atmosphere of The Berry Teashop. The workshops are held on the second Friday evening of each month. Visit our Craftea Facebook Page to see more of what we are up to.

Finally, I also teach a number of regular and one-off sewing and patchwork classes at Berry Patchwork. I especially enjoy teaching absolute beginners or not so newbies who are struggling with patterns and techniques. My regular Wednesday group runs from 10am to 3pm.  It costs $30 for the day and there’s no need to sign up for the whole term. Bring along what you are working on and I can give you a hand or bring nothing and I can help you start a project that suits you. For more info about classes and times visit Berry Patchwork’s website or call Berry Patchwork on 4464 3387.